I don't have a bike
No problem, we provide bikes and helmets for all ages and sizes.
What sort of a person goes on a bike trip?

Our tours are highly sociable affairs. Many friends return week after week, and some
have been regulars for some time. They are outgoing, open-minded active people who
want to get as much out of their weekends as possible.

Where do we start from?

Normally, we meet in Amman and drive to location (obviously to escape the city) to start
our ride from a convenient, attractive and car-free location.

Safety first!

Our experience in running tours and our knowledge of the local environment enables
us to minimize risks and dangers; we make sure all participants wear good-quality
helmets and understand the rules of the road. However, in case of any mishaps all
our leaders are trained in first aid and rescue and have comprehensive instructions
on what to do and where to go for further treatment.

What if I get tired mid-way and cannot continue?

The support vehicle (truck behind the riders) will pick you up.

How do I know a certain trip is suitable for me?

We normally grade our trips as beginners, intermediate or advanced.

Beginner rides are normally around the 10 kilometers on flat road that lasts for approximately one hour.
Intermediate rides are for people with some previous experience, not necessarily cycling,   who feel
comfortable with their fitness levels (regular gym goers etc… ) and last around the 20 kilometers with some minor hills .

Advanced rides cover distances of 35 k or more and require skill and endurance.

The last time I cycled, I was 10-years-old!

For most people, cycling is a natural motion, not to be forgotten since age 10. The first new minutes might feel funny but that great feeling of a 10-year-old will be back.

What should I bring?

For a short bike ride, you will only need your two legs, a small snack and a water bottle. Other important items might include: Sunglasses, sun-block and a padded cycling shorts.

Are the rides suitable for youngsters?

The rides are suitable for ages 12 onwards; some younger children might be able to join if they feel comfortable with their riding skills.

What are the hire bikes like?

We only use aluminum frames, shimano speed gears, front shocks and 'V' brakes. All our bikes are constantly serviced by our team to insure a fun and safe ride. They won't let you down, we promise.