We design small group bike adventures for people who share our passion for the total experience of bicycles, the natural beauty, the history, culture and people - An excellent value.

When you choose to join Cycling-Jordan, you are with people who have a strong commitment to the sport and the region. We are determined to provide a genuine experience and immerse our customers in every possible cultural aspect of Jordan.

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We strive to publish the most up-to-date and comprehensive cycling event publications, As usual we have the regular weekly rides for the beginner & advanced cyclist, based from different amazing places in Jordan. Available rides are scheduled in our Cycling Calendar.

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On my way to Beidha one Thursday afternoon, I noticed tents, fires and signs of a cookout in the village. Such large-scale preparations could only mean a mansaf to celebrate and announce a wedding - a summer evening feast to which the extended family and a good chunk of the tribeare invited for dinner. Read More